Internet Cat Feature: Maru

If you love internet cats, then you probably know about Maru. Maru is a male Scottish Fold from Japan. He loves boxes and recently got a little sister named Hana. Videos of Maru mostly include Maru doing cute, peaceful stuff and trying to fit in every box.

Here is a short Maru video (he has very skilled paws):

Maru’s channel has a TON of videos so your days can be filled with Maru.

Enjoy the serenity and cute of Maru.


Picture dump!

Hey, so I finally got some new pictures up on the Pictures Page (I will include a link to it at some point but right now, it’s not working.) I’m getting around to editing, captioning and describing them (like you care). Please download and distribute these photos via the internet because we want to be internet famous. Please and thank you! Please check out the new video page as well!

Please shut your mouth Thor you're scaring me

Please shut your mouth Thor you’re scaring me


Hello and GOOD JOB BUB, from Thor and Loki’s human, Sara. Check out famous internet cat sensation LIL BUB (who lives just down the road from me in Bloomington, Indiana)! She just became a published author! What a cat! So say, GOOD JOB BUB and check out her Facebook, Twitter and YouTube videos.

Catching Up with the Cats

I realize it’s been a few months — and hectic ones at that.  We’ve moved twice within the same apartment complex due to mold.  Thankfully, we have a two-bedroom now, which provides a little more room for two large-ish humans and two animals.  I have a new temporary tech support job, so I’m on the computer all day.  Hopefully that will mean more cat blogs!  Hurray diversion!


Some notable events since I last wrote and you read:

Loki got sick, turned out to be hairball problems.  Now gets Laxatone every once and a while, plus some hairball control treats.

Thor got sick, cause unknown but we had a big scare.  He stopped eating and drinking.  At the vet, they gave him fluids under his skin (camel-style), preventive meds and a full range of blood tests.  After the fluids and meds, he was fine, like nothing was ever wrong.  I ruled it as “ate something he shouldn’t have eaten.”  I really don’t want a repeat of that — it also happened right before we moved for the second time.

Found out that “The World’s Best Cat Litter” provides little to no odor control, but great clumps.  I’ll stick with Tidy Cats.

Thor is getting really good at playing fetch.  I’ll have a video up soon.  I’m also hoping to upload a crapload of pictures and get a proper album going for the other part of the blog.

The two hooligans are still providing wonderful love and affection for my husband and I.  They’ve been through some hard times already with us, and I can only hope it goes up from here. 

In any case, thanks to everyone for reading.  If you ever have any questions, picture or video requests or comments, don’t hesitate to contact me or leave a comment!  I’d love to hear from some of the readers.  Hope to update more soon.

Ta-ta for now!

Food Fight

Hello!  Remember me?  Maybe you do.  I write about my cats.

The time has come for a fundamental change in the way I care for my cats.  Next month, they’ll be 1 year old and no longer kittens.  Which means… a change in both the dry and wet food that they eat.  Again, if you can search your memory banks for a moment, you may recall that Thor and Loki had a hard time warming up to their wet kitten food.  After a few days, though (and probably because they were very underweight,) they started eating.  This time it’s not so easy.

Currently, I work in customer service at a natural grocery store.  They carry several great types of wet cat food, including a store brand, Wellness (grain-free,) PetGuard, Natural Ultramix and a few others.  I’d love to get them to eat the Wellness brand, as the wheat crops in the US are ~90% genetically modified (GMOs.)  My number-one priority is to feed them something simple and natural.

But… they won’t eat any of these brands.  Each time I presented them the new types of food, they sniffed it half-heartedly and walked away.  Granted, I introduced the food alone and not gradually, which I’ve heard is the key to making a switch.  A coworker of mine put it nicely:  “You have to do it gradually.  Cats are like humans; they hate change.”

Recently, I’ve been trying harder with the Wellness brand, specifically the chicken paté flavor, which they are currently eating in the Iams Kitten brand.  I say to myself: “Hey!  This is the same type of food except BETTER!  Surely they will like it, eventually!”  Not the case.  So far I have tried:

  • Heating up the food (which worked with their kitten food when they didn’t touch it)
  • Mixing it up thoroughly with their current type of wet food
  • Sitting both types next to each other in the bowl (stupid)
  • Letting the food sit for a while in hopes that they will cave (also stupid)

So there you have it.  I haven’t even covered dry food, which I’m pretty clueless about, though I imagine that will be easier… at least I hope.  In any case, I have a pretty decent stockpile of the Iams Kitten dry food.  Do you cat owners and experts have any suggestions?  A cat-savvy coworker of mine recommended that I heat up some chicken broth and pour it over the new food.  I’ll probably try that in the next few days and report back.

I worry about Thor specifically because he has proven more fickle and is a very lean, small cat.  I want to ensure that he stays at a healthy weight and I’m already noticing that he’s probably lost a pound or so.  Loki is a dog and eats all the scraps, so he’ll be alright.

To conclude, here is maybe the greatest picture I have ever taken of my cats:


My cats formed a heart. I solemnly swear that I did not form them like this. Cuteness overloadddddddd #### 101010101

Double destruction

Again, sorry I suck at blogs; but enough about me, let’s get to the cats.

Since you last read, Thor and Loki have grown into gargantuan, destructive monsters, annihilating anything in their paths.  Okay — so they’re still really cute, extra cuddly and excellent companions… they just like to tear everything apart.


  • All of the blinds
  • Square of carpet by the bedroom door
  • Several glasses
  • Two pairs of headphones
  • Scentsy
  • Various cat toys

Those are the casualties I can remember off of the top of my head.

Steve says that so much gets destroyed because I’m too much of a pushover.  I have a hard time with discipline, it’s true.  I’ve gotten better, though… especially because of my headphones.  Argh.

Oh, I just remembered another one: when Steve and I visited PA, we got them new, stronger collars and customized tags.  Thor has a red collar with a gold circle tag that says his name; Loki has a neon green collar with a black tag.  However…

Both of them have destroyed the tags.  They bit them until the words were illegible.  Also, they can still take their collars off even though they have the stronger clips.  I couldn’t figure out how they did it… until I BUSTED THEM.

I saw them grooming each other one night, cute as all get out.  What I saw next truly infuriated me: Thor was actively biting and clawing Loki’s collar and managed to snap it off. THOSE ADORABLE BASTARDS, I yelled inside my head.  How could they possibly be that cunning?  I’ve now determined that I need to get them collars with the real metal buckle… most pet stores only have pop-off cat-safety collars, though… let me know if anyone has a suggestion!

I’m planning to order them some new tags soon (a good use of my tax return.)  Ch-check it out:

Thor’s Tag

Loki’s Tag

Etsy is a beautiful thing.

Until next time, y’all.

Thor snuggling up to me on a day off.

Thor snuggling up to me on a day off.

How I know Thor and Loki love me

It’s December already, sunny and 60 degrees.  Seem strange?  Maybe it is, but don’t worry about it.  Let me provide you with some adorable anecdotes and cat pictures to distract you from our inevitable doom.

I’ll get right to it.

  1. Whenever I get home, the cats run around my feet and meow for me to feed them.  That not might seem like “love” necessarily, but to me it shows that the cats know who I am.  They know I’m the person that feeds them and gives them water.  It’s okay if they’re a little demanding.
  2. Both of them feel comfortable sleeping on me now.  Thor really loves to fall asleep in the crook of my arm.
  3. When I hold them, they close their eyes.
  4. They compete for my attention.
  5. As I’ve noted many times before, Thor and Loki always comfort me when I’m really sad.
  6. They do that thing where they rub their face on my face.
  7. Thor and Loki wait outside my door in the morning before I wake up.

And I love those little stinkers too.  More than I can say. I buy them presents when I’m on vacation, I crave their attention and shower them with affection.  They are my special buddies and my life-long companions.   I hope to keep them healthy and happy as long as I’m able.

I'm a doodler.  This is my cat doodle.

I’m a doodler. This is my cat doodle.

ALSO!  I’m going to try to post a cat link/external cat media in all of my posts.

Today’s Cat-Link is:  Simon’s Cat!  If you’ve haven’t seen these super-cute animations, you must!