Catching Up with the Cats

I realize it’s been a few months — and hectic ones at that.  We’ve moved twice within the same apartment complex due to mold.  Thankfully, we have a two-bedroom now, which provides a little more room for two large-ish humans and two animals.  I have a new temporary tech support job, so I’m on the computer all day.  Hopefully that will mean more cat blogs!  Hurray diversion!


Some notable events since I last wrote and you read:

Loki got sick, turned out to be hairball problems.  Now gets Laxatone every once and a while, plus some hairball control treats.

Thor got sick, cause unknown but we had a big scare.  He stopped eating and drinking.  At the vet, they gave him fluids under his skin (camel-style), preventive meds and a full range of blood tests.  After the fluids and meds, he was fine, like nothing was ever wrong.  I ruled it as “ate something he shouldn’t have eaten.”  I really don’t want a repeat of that — it also happened right before we moved for the second time.

Found out that “The World’s Best Cat Litter” provides little to no odor control, but great clumps.  I’ll stick with Tidy Cats.

Thor is getting really good at playing fetch.  I’ll have a video up soon.  I’m also hoping to upload a crapload of pictures and get a proper album going for the other part of the blog.

The two hooligans are still providing wonderful love and affection for my husband and I.  They’ve been through some hard times already with us, and I can only hope it goes up from here. 

In any case, thanks to everyone for reading.  If you ever have any questions, picture or video requests or comments, don’t hesitate to contact me or leave a comment!  I’d love to hear from some of the readers.  Hope to update more soon.

Ta-ta for now!



Hi, all.  Just a brief post to let anyone who reads this know that there has been a death in my family.  I’ll be returning home to Pennsylvania briefly later this week.  Sorry about the hiatus — family business and work have taken up most of my time.  Hope to get back in the swing of things soon.

A little (buddies) reminder

I apologize for the long delay in posting again — I recently started a full-time job and work a variety of shifts.  I just started this week and will already log 40 hours by the end of tomorrow.  So bear with me as I get into the work routine.  Because I’m pretty exhausted and need some time to collect my thoughts for a complete, coherent post with a definite theme, here’s a little tidbit that I thought of today:

Appreciate the simple joys of owning a cat.  After a long day at work, it was tremendously relaxing to just sit with my cats and stroke their backs.  I even had a fun time giving them belly scratches as we played on the for together.  I feel lucky that I have these little buddies in my life.  Take some time and appreciate your kitty!

Thor and Loki chillin’ on the top of their modest scratching post.

Moving along

The cats are still growing insanely fast.  I can’t believe how strong Loki has gotten and Thor has become quite the little climber.  Still have some voracious appetites as well; they’d have me feed them their wet food 5x a day if Thor and Loki had their way.  Sorry about the long period between posts — I’ve been applying for lots of jobs and recently snagged a position at Whole Foods, where Steve works.  I’m still putting in applications for some publishing jobs as well.  I had a great idea for a short story last night and will perhaps post it somewhere on the blog once I finish it.

But you’re here for the cats!  I’m to administer their Flea/Heartworm/Tick preventive topical medication today.  I’ve got to wait until they’re really sleepy to do it, since I’ll be rubbing a decently sized tube of goop on the back of their necks.  Hopefully they cooperate!

I’m still a little pressed for time, so here are so more pictures!  Yay!

Herp derp whats goin on guys

Loki at the Altar of Scratch

Also, check out the new page and do the poll!  I’m interested in your opinions.  Really I am!

A short lesson on anxiety

Thor and Loki love to cuddle up and sleep next to each other. For all the scrapping they do, at the end of the day they really love each other.

Steve and I went out tonight and left Thor and Loki for around 7 hours.  I found myself feeling extremely anxious about their well-being while I was away.  Because I grew up with a a dog that had many medical problems, I worry about leaving my cats alone.  I can’t help but expect the worst when I’m not there to watch over them.  As my heart beat faster pondering all of the bad things that could possibly happen to them, I tried process things logically.  They had fresh food and water.  They had a clean litterbox.  They had tons of toys and each other for entertainment.  I knew there was nothing on the floor that could possibly be a choking hazard.  Still, I feared that they would be upset, hurt or worse when I finally opened the door. As we approached the parking lot of the apartment, my anxiety heightened and I proceeded to almost run inside of the building.  Of course, when we walked in, they were full of energy, happy to see us and had eaten heartily.

I realize now that I worried so much because I really, truly love them.  Even after just a few days, they’ve become a part of my life…. I can’t imagine a day without them.  It’s amazing the capacity animals have to open up a human heart.  However, I have to trust in the fact that cats are very independent creatures.  They are intelligent, canny and able to entertain themselves easily.  Finally, I have to learn to let these worries go.  It is imperative that I learn how to cope with the absolutely irrational anxieties I have, not just about my cats but about my life in general.  While I know I need to seek outside help, Thor and Loki are helping me identify these problems and calm me with their presence.

Kitten Therapy

Today proved challenging for both kittens and owners.  When I woke up, the kittens were ready to cause trouble.  They bit my toes, tried to get in the refrigerator, climbed on the tabletops and caused a general ruckus.  I became frustrated after a while, trying to maintain consistent punishments and rewards as I fought to work, clean and organize the apartment.  Soon, I began to feel the familiar tendrils of anxiety, stress and anger licking at my chest.  I did my best to keep a good attitude the entire day, but soon the to-do list, financial concerns and my search for employment overwhelmed me.  My husband was loving and supportive through it all, of course, but I remained worried and sad.  All the while, Thor and Loki milled about, meowing and alternating between our laps.  Only after Steve went to spend some time on by himself did I really feel the weight of all I had to do.

Thor and Loki seemed to perk up and made a beeline for my chest as I reclined on the couch.  Thor licked my face and Loki nuzzled my stomach.  They seemed to radiate warmth.  Shortly after, they fell asleep on me and I began to cry.  I confessed my fears and said even things I thought were childish, namely “I want to go home.”  After it was all out, I watched them sleep peacefully and stroked their backs.  Though none of my problems were solved, I experienced a new type of calm.

These cats would never judge me, offer advice, rebuke me or infer anything about me, other than that they depend on me.  I felt a real connection with them, though they were asleep.

I don’t know much about cats, but I already believe they are improving my life by augmenting my patience, increasing my compassion, helping me enjoy simple things and providing low-cost therapy.  So, thanks, Thor and Loki.  I think we’re going to have a great life together.

After an opening shift, Thor and Loki nap with dad. They prefer to sleep next to us!

Thor, Loki and the hectic start of great things

Thor on the left and Loki on the right enjoy sleeping on this couch instead of the beautiful bed we bought them.

Hello, internet world.  My name is Sara and I recently adopted two domestic shorthair kittens from the Indianapolis, Indiana Humane Society.  I named them Thor and Loki, though Loki is a week older than Thor.  They’re both about two months old.  I’ll use this blog to document their behavior, growth, adventures and how their presence affects my journey as a recent college grad, newlywed and transplant to Indianapolis from a small town in southern Pennsylvania.  Hope it’s interesting!