About the Owner

My name is Sara and I’m a newlywed and a recent college graduate (Bachelor of Arts in English and Spanish) who also just moved to Indianapolis, IN from York, PA.  I’m still finding my way here and am currently searching for a job in publishing or document translation.  My husband Steve and I live in a small apartment on the west side of Indianapolis.  The cats, Thor and Loki, are very recent additions to our little family.  I did not own cats growing up and had an odd assortment of pets, including a spotted leopard gecko, hamsters, several fish and a glass-eyed, clueless Japanese Chin dog.  I’m learning what it takes to care for two small, smart, wily animals; I thought Thor and Loki were so special that I had to write about them.  In adopting the cats from the Humane Society, I’ve realized a very real affinity for animals and want to promote their well-being.  Hopefully you enjoy my journey with Thor and Loki as my mischievous companions!

Sleepy picture time with Sara and Thor.  Not featured: Loki biting my feet.

Sleepy picture time with Sara and Thor. Not featured: Loki biting my feet.


7 thoughts on “About the Owner

  1. I love your descriptions of the kittens. Pap and I always had a cat until the last 15 years. Pap always called them “Voyaageeee” regardless of their name. One was called Midnight, another Buttercup and another Pumpkin. One of them became pregnant and delivered 3 kittens under the chair (on the rug) while we were away! She kept hiding them in Paps’ shoes in the closet. SMART CAT!! Mammaw

  2. I am enjoying the adventures of my grand-kitties! It gives me great pride witnessing your love and dedication to these little creatures(: You and Steve are working very hard at raising them to be sweet, well-behaved, cats. Just remember: when they grow up and become responsible cats…they will still be YOUR little kittens! Love, Mom(:

  3. I love hearing about the “boys”–What fun! I miss you and it is nice to hear how you are doing. Good luck on your interview. Love, Mammaw

  4. I think you should write a childrens book about your cats. Kids would love your funny names for them. You have the “gift” !! Mammaw

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