How I know Thor and Loki love me

It’s December already, sunny and 60 degrees.  Seem strange?  Maybe it is, but don’t worry about it.  Let me provide you with some adorable anecdotes and cat pictures to distract you from our inevitable doom.

I’ll get right to it.

  1. Whenever I get home, the cats run around my feet and meow for me to feed them.  That not might seem like “love” necessarily, but to me it shows that the cats know who I am.  They know I’m the person that feeds them and gives them water.  It’s okay if they’re a little demanding.
  2. Both of them feel comfortable sleeping on me now.  Thor really loves to fall asleep in the crook of my arm.
  3. When I hold them, they close their eyes.
  4. They compete for my attention.
  5. As I’ve noted many times before, Thor and Loki always comfort me when I’m really sad.
  6. They do that thing where they rub their face on my face.
  7. Thor and Loki wait outside my door in the morning before I wake up.

And I love those little stinkers too.  More than I can say. I buy them presents when I’m on vacation, I crave their attention and shower them with affection.  They are my special buddies and my life-long companions.   I hope to keep them healthy and happy as long as I’m able.

I'm a doodler.  This is my cat doodle.

I’m a doodler. This is my cat doodle.

ALSO!  I’m going to try to post a cat link/external cat media in all of my posts.

Today’s Cat-Link is:  Simon’s Cat!  If you’ve haven’t seen these super-cute animations, you must!