Catsgiving… thankscats? Thankskittens?

Hey!  Anyone out there still?  That’s okay.  I’m okay with talking to myself.

Thor and Loki are huge now.  Not only do they rival Godzilla in size, but they are wising up to some of my tricks.  They still run out of the door when either of us try to leave/enter the apartment, which is a huge pain; we usually use the laser pointer to distract them so we can run out quickly before they do (cats rule the house.)  Now, they’ve learned to ignore the laser and every time they hear a door open or the jingling of keys, they plop down in front of the door.

In short, I’m having trouble outsmarting my cats.  This proves to me that I’m not ready to be a parent.  For at least another 50 years.  Someday I’ll be smart enough to counter their tactics.  Maybe I should buy a really fancy laser pointer.  Or just cry until they feel sorry for me.  Do guilt trips work on cats?

That’s about all I have to report for right now.  Thor and Loki still need two rounds of booster shots but after that they’ll be set.  I’m also trying to figure out whether I need to give them flea/tick treatments every month if they never go outside.  Stuff’s expensive.

Happy Thanksgiving, to cats and humans alike.  Give your pets a piece of chicken or something.

Thor will kill you with fire. hashtag cutest ways to die


I’m not good at blogs. Here are some pictures of cats

Hey, so, it looks like I’m not very good at remembering to update this blog.  I’m sorry!  I’ll try to be better, but no promises.  In lieu of a post (which I am once again too exhausted to write) here are some pictures of the cats!  All sparkling and new!  They’re getting huge.  Also, they got their rabies shots.  Yay.  Big thanks to the Indianapolis Humane Society and their low-cost vaccine clinic.  They also sell flea and tick treatments for WAY cheaper than most vet offices!

Thor maxin’ and relaxin’. 

Thor behaving and Loki moving around at the speed of light. Business as usual.

Thor is a model. Pardon my legs.

Thor and Loki, sleeping together… remind me of the symbol for Gemini.




The problem with toilet paper

Thor and Loki finally decided to stop bolting out of the door whenever we open it.  That’s a huge improvement!  I’m pretty proud of them.  Steve and I have definitely been making an effort to play with them more as well.  However, I do still have one burning question:

How do I keep the kittens out of our toilet paper?!

It seems impossible.  Obviously, I can’t leave it on the roll because they just paw at it and unroll the whole blasted thing.  I put it up by the sink, thinking they wouldn’t risk the jump between the toilet seat and the sink.  But I was so, so wrong.  I should never underestimate how fearless and persistent these cats are.  Finally, Steve came up with the idea to place it on the little towel bar above the toilet.  It seems like they’re still getting at it, though it’s not as frequent as it has been.  I feel like there has to be a better solution.  Do they make some kind of cat-proof toilet paper holder?  Is there hope for my sad little rolls?

There is toilet paper everywhere.  Small shreds of paper littered from the bathroom to the kitchen.  It was a toilet paper massacre.

What have you done, kittens?  WHAT HAVE YOU DONE

The only time I can really get pictures of the cat or my husband — nap time.

Breaking news: kittens are still pretty cool

Hey all — sorry for the long time away.  Work is pretty nuts and I just got back from PA on Sunday night.  In any case, here’s a brief update on the cats.

General update: Thor and Loki are becoming more and more rambunctious.  They’re getting bigger, stronger, braver and more willing to break the rules if they can get away with it.  They climb and jump higher; they’re getting into places I never thought they’d reach.  One particularly problematic behavior problem is their biting.  Both of them have started to bite both of us very regularly.  Thor even bit my face yesterday… this is definitely something I’d like to talk to the vet about.  I’m planning on scheduling them an appointment tomorrow since we haven’t been able to afford another one yet (both kittens need some expensive vaccines.) Truthfully, I will have to start disciplining them more when I see them misbehaving.  However, we also need to play with them more, which I theorize is the root of their bad behavior.  I’m looking to get them more toys and make sure to play with them for at least 10 minutes every day.  Here’s to happier, healthier little buddies!

Thor: He’s a weird one, that’s for sure.  One of the little idiosyncrasies I’ve failed to mention thus far is his face-licking.  Thor, when starting some major cuddle-time with Steve or I, will come up and absolutely cover our faces in little kitty licks.  I’m not really sure why; I feel like this is a more common thing with dogs.  Unfortunately, his tongue has the characteristic sandpaper-like texture and the love-licks start to get painful after a little while.  He tends to concentrate on the nose and cheek areas.   He’s gotten a hold of my nose ring a few times.  Ouch.  Other than that, he continues to be a huge whiner and Momma’s boy – not that I mind that, of course.  He still needs to pack on a few pounds.  Overall, he still behaves better than Loki and is less picky when it comes to food.

Loki: Man, this bugger is working on my nerves.  He has been comporting himself pretty badly as of late and I’m getting a little discouraged.  Loki always seems to be biting something or someone.  Worst of all, he loves to knock over trash cans and walk all over the tables, especially if he suspects there’s people food nearby.  Using the squirt bottle doesn’t seem to faze him; he’ll only quit once he’s completely soaked.  From the places he explores and the trouble he causes, he’s obviously very cunning but brash.  I’m going to bring up my concerns about him to the vet.  At this point, I’m willing to chalk it up to our long work hours and the fact that he’s still so young.  I tried feeding Thor and Loki some Fancy Feast kitten food and Loki totally refused it.  Thor would eat the chicken and neither of them would eat anything seafood-related.  If we have an exceptionally bad day, though, Loki usually will be very loving at the end.  Apologetic, even.  He definitely is getting more snuggly as time goes on.

Anyway, that’s it for now.  I’m going to try to update the blog once or twice a week — not much, I realize, but realistic considering my present schedule.  Hopefully I’ll update more.  Next post will include a batch of new pictures!  Yay!  Thanks for bearing with me.

Nerdy cat stuff — my favorite!



Hi, all.  Just a brief post to let anyone who reads this know that there has been a death in my family.  I’ll be returning home to Pennsylvania briefly later this week.  Sorry about the hiatus — family business and work have taken up most of my time.  Hope to get back in the swing of things soon.

Sorry, cuteness calls

I was going to write a post tonight but then Thor and Loki were so cute and snuggly and warm that I couldn’t resist them.  I just want to sit here in silence, pet and snuggle them.  New post soon, I promise.  I have a topic and everything.

*baby talk gibberish* I love my little buddies!

A little (buddies) reminder

I apologize for the long delay in posting again — I recently started a full-time job and work a variety of shifts.  I just started this week and will already log 40 hours by the end of tomorrow.  So bear with me as I get into the work routine.  Because I’m pretty exhausted and need some time to collect my thoughts for a complete, coherent post with a definite theme, here’s a little tidbit that I thought of today:

Appreciate the simple joys of owning a cat.  After a long day at work, it was tremendously relaxing to just sit with my cats and stroke their backs.  I even had a fun time giving them belly scratches as we played on the for together.  I feel lucky that I have these little buddies in my life.  Take some time and appreciate your kitty!

Thor and Loki chillin’ on the top of their modest scratching post.