How I know Thor and Loki love me

It’s December already, sunny and 60 degrees.  Seem strange?  Maybe it is, but don’t worry about it.  Let me provide you with some adorable anecdotes and cat pictures to distract you from our inevitable doom.

I’ll get right to it.

  1. Whenever I get home, the cats run around my feet and meow for me to feed them.  That not might seem like “love” necessarily, but to me it shows that the cats know who I am.  They know I’m the person that feeds them and gives them water.  It’s okay if they’re a little demanding.
  2. Both of them feel comfortable sleeping on me now.  Thor really loves to fall asleep in the crook of my arm.
  3. When I hold them, they close their eyes.
  4. They compete for my attention.
  5. As I’ve noted many times before, Thor and Loki always comfort me when I’m really sad.
  6. They do that thing where they rub their face on my face.
  7. Thor and Loki wait outside my door in the morning before I wake up.

And I love those little stinkers too.  More than I can say. I buy them presents when I’m on vacation, I crave their attention and shower them with affection.  They are my special buddies and my life-long companions.   I hope to keep them healthy and happy as long as I’m able.

I'm a doodler.  This is my cat doodle.

I’m a doodler. This is my cat doodle.

ALSO!  I’m going to try to post a cat link/external cat media in all of my posts.

Today’s Cat-Link is:  Simon’s Cat!  If you’ve haven’t seen these super-cute animations, you must!


Bad Days and Cat Moods

Thor and Loki continue to go about their daily business of eating, pooping, sleeping, meowing and playing.  They have huge appetites for both food and play.  More than anything, they are learning and exploring the house.   In any case, what I have noticed recently is that cats have good/bad moods and days just like people do.  Some days they are hellions, being in places they shouldn’t be and biting everything in sight.   Some afternoons they fight and others all they sleep for hours.  Today was a bad day for the boys.  They started the day by invading our bedroom; Thor crawled into this broken part of fabric on the underside of the bed and got stuck there.  With no small I effort, I eventually fished him out with a feather toy.  This event wasn’t a great start for me either because I had a job interview later that morning.

I decided to catch a few more z’s and when I awoke, Thor and Loki were absolutely ravenous.  They whined and complained as I heated up their wet kitten food (currently feeding them Iams Kitten Formula – Chicken Paté along with Iams Dry Kitten Food to increase their weight.)  After that, I began to get ready for my interview.  Half way into my shower, Thor jumps in with me.  He starts to freak out and I quickly remove him from the evil, cascading water.  Loki seemed like he might follow suit but thankfully stayed out of the shower, though he had a grand ol’ time knocking over the waste basket.

I got dressed and tried to dry Thor off a bit; since he was frightened, he crawled up in his little “spot” on top of chest, directly under my chin.  Yay!  Now I smelled like wet cat for my interview.  A memorable scent if there ever was one.  I felt bad for him but I soon had to leave.  Throughout the morning, they bit my feet and tangled themselves in my shoes.

The rest of the day wasn’t much better: Loki kept trying to get in the dishwasher as I was loading dirty dishes in and Thor attempted to wedge himself inside the couch.

All of these little disturbances are funny in retrospect, but sometimes I’d like them to just be quiet and sit in my lap.  But they have their own will and ways… they are still so young after all.  I have to learn to be patient with them.  Today wasn’t a banner day in terms of behavior.  We all have our bad days.

A quieter time.

First time at the vet + a food problem

On Monday, Thor and Loki had their first appointment with the vet.  I won’t bore you with the details of what shots they need and their health specs; everything looked pretty good.  We took them to a place called The Cat Doctor, with four veternarians and several technicians all specializing in cats.  They were all incredibly knowledgeable and great with the boys.  I was very impressed.  I got some tips on grooming, behavioral problems and toys.  As a new cat owner, it was nice to talk to a vet.  In fact, it was my first time there as well!  It also felt very strange to take someone else to the doctor.  As someone with a chronic illness and other health problems, I’m used to being on the examination table at the doctor’s office.  I even felt the same nervousness and apprehension.  It quickly faded as I discussed the cats with the tech.  Truly, it was a relief not to be poked and prodded; it also felt nice to care for someone else in that setting.

I mentioned Loki’s mischievous ways to the doc.  She said that it was all pretty normal, but if I wanted to discipline him effectively, I would have to be firm.  His cuteness does get the best of me, I admit.  And I hate to hear them crying.  However, I want them to grow up to be well-behaved and totally healthy.  I’ll just have to let them cry and stand my ground.

The only problem the vet noticed was that they are a bit underweight.  She told me that I should give them some wet food as well as dry food; kittens should gain about a pound a week at this stage.  Both of them are just over two pounds and approaching three months old.  In any case, her instructions seemed simple enough.  I bought them some Iams Kitten Food and brought it home.  I mixed in a little bit with their dry food (Eagle Pack) and I thought they took to it.  But after a few hours, I noticed they weren’t eating at all.  I tried to get them interested in the food and they turned away, meowing.  After a few more attempts, I realized that they simply don’t like it, which kind of sucks because I bought a bunch of cans of that brand.  I’m going to call the vet tomorrow and see what advice she has.  I really want them to catch up on their weight!

Thor and Loki have an appointment in three weeks for some shots and tests.  I’m hoping that goes smoothly.

Oh — I found Loki’s collar stuffed in the cushion of my wingback chair.  Phew.

I don’t have any more pictures of the kitties uploaded yet, so here’s another cat.  His name is Pusheen and has an awesome website:

Probably my favorite internet cat.

The boys are growing up

Steve and I went on a day-trip to Holiday World (it was a total bust, unfortunately) thus leaving the cats for a good twelve hours.  As per usual, I worried off and on about their well-being, though I felt better than I did a few days ago.  As we got nearer to home, I got really excited to see them and play with them.  However, when I walked in the door, they continued to do their own thing and barely took notice of us.  They played with each other and chased their toys.  I’ll admit, I felt a little disappointed.  The last

Loki studies his noise-making toy.

few times we came home, they immediately meowed and wanted to be held.  Steve, as a long-time cat owner, reminded me that they’re growing up fast and are thus becoming more independent.  He made the joke that they’re getting too cool to hang out with their parents.  While I’m definitely glad they can take care of themselves, I can’t help but feel a little sad.

While a certain distance may develop between us, Thor and Loki are members of our new little family.  They will comfort me when I feel homesick and out of place.  When Steve comes home from a hard day of work – as I soon will, hopefully – they will nuzzle him and show him affection.  They will count us for care and love.  For now, I will savor their kitten-hood and make the most of their usually strong desire for attention and contact.