Internet Cat Feature: Maru

If you love internet cats, then you probably know about Maru. Maru is a male Scottish Fold from Japan. He loves boxes and recently got a little sister named Hana. Videos of Maru mostly include Maru doing cute, peaceful stuff and trying to fit in every box.

Here is a short Maru video (he has very skilled paws):

Maru’s channel has a TON of videos so your days can be filled with Maru.

Enjoy the serenity and cute of Maru.


Picture dump!

Hey, so I finally got some new pictures up on the Pictures Page (I will include a link to it at some point but right now, it’s not working.) I’m getting around to editing, captioning and describing them (like you care). Please download and distribute these photos via the internet because we want to be internet famous. Please and thank you! Please check out the new video page as well!

Please shut your mouth Thor you're scaring me

Please shut your mouth Thor you’re scaring me


Hello and GOOD JOB BUB, from Thor and Loki’s human, Sara. Check out famous internet cat sensation LIL BUB (who lives just down the road from me in Bloomington, Indiana)! She just became a published author! What a cat! So say, GOOD JOB BUB and check out her Facebook, Twitter and YouTube videos.