Double destruction

Again, sorry I suck at blogs; but enough about me, let’s get to the cats.

Since you last read, Thor and Loki have grown into gargantuan, destructive monsters, annihilating anything in their paths.  Okay — so they’re still really cute, extra cuddly and excellent companions… they just like to tear everything apart.


  • All of the blinds
  • Square of carpet by the bedroom door
  • Several glasses
  • Two pairs of headphones
  • Scentsy
  • Various cat toys

Those are the casualties I can remember off of the top of my head.

Steve says that so much gets destroyed because I’m too much of a pushover.  I have a hard time with discipline, it’s true.  I’ve gotten better, though… especially because of my headphones.  Argh.

Oh, I just remembered another one: when Steve and I visited PA, we got them new, stronger collars and customized tags.  Thor has a red collar with a gold circle tag that says his name; Loki has a neon green collar with a black tag.  However…

Both of them have destroyed the tags.  They bit them until the words were illegible.  Also, they can still take their collars off even though they have the stronger clips.  I couldn’t figure out how they did it… until I BUSTED THEM.

I saw them grooming each other one night, cute as all get out.  What I saw next truly infuriated me: Thor was actively biting and clawing Loki’s collar and managed to snap it off. THOSE ADORABLE BASTARDS, I yelled inside my head.  How could they possibly be that cunning?  I’ve now determined that I need to get them collars with the real metal buckle… most pet stores only have pop-off cat-safety collars, though… let me know if anyone has a suggestion!

I’m planning to order them some new tags soon (a good use of my tax return.)  Ch-check it out:

Thor’s Tag

Loki’s Tag

Etsy is a beautiful thing.

Until next time, y’all.

Thor snuggling up to me on a day off.

Thor snuggling up to me on a day off.