Catching Up with the Cats

I realize it’s been a few months — and hectic ones at that.  We’ve moved twice within the same apartment complex due to mold.  Thankfully, we have a two-bedroom now, which provides a little more room for two large-ish humans and two animals.  I have a new temporary tech support job, so I’m on the computer all day.  Hopefully that will mean more cat blogs!  Hurray diversion!


Some notable events since I last wrote and you read:

Loki got sick, turned out to be hairball problems.  Now gets Laxatone every once and a while, plus some hairball control treats.

Thor got sick, cause unknown but we had a big scare.  He stopped eating and drinking.  At the vet, they gave him fluids under his skin (camel-style), preventive meds and a full range of blood tests.  After the fluids and meds, he was fine, like nothing was ever wrong.  I ruled it as “ate something he shouldn’t have eaten.”  I really don’t want a repeat of that — it also happened right before we moved for the second time.

Found out that “The World’s Best Cat Litter” provides little to no odor control, but great clumps.  I’ll stick with Tidy Cats.

Thor is getting really good at playing fetch.  I’ll have a video up soon.  I’m also hoping to upload a crapload of pictures and get a proper album going for the other part of the blog.

The two hooligans are still providing wonderful love and affection for my husband and I.  They’ve been through some hard times already with us, and I can only hope it goes up from here. 

In any case, thanks to everyone for reading.  If you ever have any questions, picture or video requests or comments, don’t hesitate to contact me or leave a comment!  I’d love to hear from some of the readers.  Hope to update more soon.

Ta-ta for now!


Food Fight

Hello!  Remember me?  Maybe you do.  I write about my cats.

The time has come for a fundamental change in the way I care for my cats.  Next month, they’ll be 1 year old and no longer kittens.  Which means… a change in both the dry and wet food that they eat.  Again, if you can search your memory banks for a moment, you may recall that Thor and Loki had a hard time warming up to their wet kitten food.  After a few days, though (and probably because they were very underweight,) they started eating.  This time it’s not so easy.

Currently, I work in customer service at a natural grocery store.  They carry several great types of wet cat food, including a store brand, Wellness (grain-free,) PetGuard, Natural Ultramix and a few others.  I’d love to get them to eat the Wellness brand, as the wheat crops in the US are ~90% genetically modified (GMOs.)  My number-one priority is to feed them something simple and natural.

But… they won’t eat any of these brands.  Each time I presented them the new types of food, they sniffed it half-heartedly and walked away.  Granted, I introduced the food alone and not gradually, which I’ve heard is the key to making a switch.  A coworker of mine put it nicely:  “You have to do it gradually.  Cats are like humans; they hate change.”

Recently, I’ve been trying harder with the Wellness brand, specifically the chicken paté flavor, which they are currently eating in the Iams Kitten brand.  I say to myself: “Hey!  This is the same type of food except BETTER!  Surely they will like it, eventually!”  Not the case.  So far I have tried:

  • Heating up the food (which worked with their kitten food when they didn’t touch it)
  • Mixing it up thoroughly with their current type of wet food
  • Sitting both types next to each other in the bowl (stupid)
  • Letting the food sit for a while in hopes that they will cave (also stupid)

So there you have it.  I haven’t even covered dry food, which I’m pretty clueless about, though I imagine that will be easier… at least I hope.  In any case, I have a pretty decent stockpile of the Iams Kitten dry food.  Do you cat owners and experts have any suggestions?  A cat-savvy coworker of mine recommended that I heat up some chicken broth and pour it over the new food.  I’ll probably try that in the next few days and report back.

I worry about Thor specifically because he has proven more fickle and is a very lean, small cat.  I want to ensure that he stays at a healthy weight and I’m already noticing that he’s probably lost a pound or so.  Loki is a dog and eats all the scraps, so he’ll be alright.

To conclude, here is maybe the greatest picture I have ever taken of my cats:


My cats formed a heart. I solemnly swear that I did not form them like this. Cuteness overloadddddddd #### 101010101

Breaking news: kittens are still pretty cool

Hey all — sorry for the long time away.  Work is pretty nuts and I just got back from PA on Sunday night.  In any case, here’s a brief update on the cats.

General update: Thor and Loki are becoming more and more rambunctious.  They’re getting bigger, stronger, braver and more willing to break the rules if they can get away with it.  They climb and jump higher; they’re getting into places I never thought they’d reach.  One particularly problematic behavior problem is their biting.  Both of them have started to bite both of us very regularly.  Thor even bit my face yesterday… this is definitely something I’d like to talk to the vet about.  I’m planning on scheduling them an appointment tomorrow since we haven’t been able to afford another one yet (both kittens need some expensive vaccines.) Truthfully, I will have to start disciplining them more when I see them misbehaving.  However, we also need to play with them more, which I theorize is the root of their bad behavior.  I’m looking to get them more toys and make sure to play with them for at least 10 minutes every day.  Here’s to happier, healthier little buddies!

Thor: He’s a weird one, that’s for sure.  One of the little idiosyncrasies I’ve failed to mention thus far is his face-licking.  Thor, when starting some major cuddle-time with Steve or I, will come up and absolutely cover our faces in little kitty licks.  I’m not really sure why; I feel like this is a more common thing with dogs.  Unfortunately, his tongue has the characteristic sandpaper-like texture and the love-licks start to get painful after a little while.  He tends to concentrate on the nose and cheek areas.   He’s gotten a hold of my nose ring a few times.  Ouch.  Other than that, he continues to be a huge whiner and Momma’s boy – not that I mind that, of course.  He still needs to pack on a few pounds.  Overall, he still behaves better than Loki and is less picky when it comes to food.

Loki: Man, this bugger is working on my nerves.  He has been comporting himself pretty badly as of late and I’m getting a little discouraged.  Loki always seems to be biting something or someone.  Worst of all, he loves to knock over trash cans and walk all over the tables, especially if he suspects there’s people food nearby.  Using the squirt bottle doesn’t seem to faze him; he’ll only quit once he’s completely soaked.  From the places he explores and the trouble he causes, he’s obviously very cunning but brash.  I’m going to bring up my concerns about him to the vet.  At this point, I’m willing to chalk it up to our long work hours and the fact that he’s still so young.  I tried feeding Thor and Loki some Fancy Feast kitten food and Loki totally refused it.  Thor would eat the chicken and neither of them would eat anything seafood-related.  If we have an exceptionally bad day, though, Loki usually will be very loving at the end.  Apologetic, even.  He definitely is getting more snuggly as time goes on.

Anyway, that’s it for now.  I’m going to try to update the blog once or twice a week — not much, I realize, but realistic considering my present schedule.  Hopefully I’ll update more.  Next post will include a batch of new pictures!  Yay!  Thanks for bearing with me.

Nerdy cat stuff — my favorite!


Moving along

The cats are still growing insanely fast.  I can’t believe how strong Loki has gotten and Thor has become quite the little climber.  Still have some voracious appetites as well; they’d have me feed them their wet food 5x a day if Thor and Loki had their way.  Sorry about the long period between posts — I’ve been applying for lots of jobs and recently snagged a position at Whole Foods, where Steve works.  I’m still putting in applications for some publishing jobs as well.  I had a great idea for a short story last night and will perhaps post it somewhere on the blog once I finish it.

But you’re here for the cats!  I’m to administer their Flea/Heartworm/Tick preventive topical medication today.  I’ve got to wait until they’re really sleepy to do it, since I’ll be rubbing a decently sized tube of goop on the back of their necks.  Hopefully they cooperate!

I’m still a little pressed for time, so here are so more pictures!  Yay!

Herp derp whats goin on guys

Loki at the Altar of Scratch

Also, check out the new page and do the poll!  I’m interested in your opinions.  Really I am!

Captain Butt Stinky/Sir Whines-a-lot

These are my two amazing nicknames for Thor.  He seems to be slightly stinkier than Loki and he also meows all the time.  He sometimes cries when he’s hungry or wants to play, but most of it is just random vocalizing.  It’s hard to distinguish when he actually needs something.

Anyway, in lieu of a longer post, here are a few happenings from the last few days:

  • I’ve started a toy rotation for Thor and Loki.  I hope doing this will keep them interested in the myriad of toys we’ve bought them.
  • Loki is a little ankle-biter.  He follows me around and nips at my feet… it’s pretty hard to substitute that behavior.
  • I bought them a scratching post with a dangling toy and perch at the top.  The boys really seem to like it and the post encourages good scratching behavior.
  • I also bought them two chewing toys made from jute.  They seem to like them but have yet to really chew them.



After talking to the vet, I heated up the wet food and Thor and Loki liked it!  Yay!  I wish they’d eat a bit more of it, but this is a great step forward.


First time at the vet + a food problem

On Monday, Thor and Loki had their first appointment with the vet.  I won’t bore you with the details of what shots they need and their health specs; everything looked pretty good.  We took them to a place called The Cat Doctor, with four veternarians and several technicians all specializing in cats.  They were all incredibly knowledgeable and great with the boys.  I was very impressed.  I got some tips on grooming, behavioral problems and toys.  As a new cat owner, it was nice to talk to a vet.  In fact, it was my first time there as well!  It also felt very strange to take someone else to the doctor.  As someone with a chronic illness and other health problems, I’m used to being on the examination table at the doctor’s office.  I even felt the same nervousness and apprehension.  It quickly faded as I discussed the cats with the tech.  Truly, it was a relief not to be poked and prodded; it also felt nice to care for someone else in that setting.

I mentioned Loki’s mischievous ways to the doc.  She said that it was all pretty normal, but if I wanted to discipline him effectively, I would have to be firm.  His cuteness does get the best of me, I admit.  And I hate to hear them crying.  However, I want them to grow up to be well-behaved and totally healthy.  I’ll just have to let them cry and stand my ground.

The only problem the vet noticed was that they are a bit underweight.  She told me that I should give them some wet food as well as dry food; kittens should gain about a pound a week at this stage.  Both of them are just over two pounds and approaching three months old.  In any case, her instructions seemed simple enough.  I bought them some Iams Kitten Food and brought it home.  I mixed in a little bit with their dry food (Eagle Pack) and I thought they took to it.  But after a few hours, I noticed they weren’t eating at all.  I tried to get them interested in the food and they turned away, meowing.  After a few more attempts, I realized that they simply don’t like it, which kind of sucks because I bought a bunch of cans of that brand.  I’m going to call the vet tomorrow and see what advice she has.  I really want them to catch up on their weight!

Thor and Loki have an appointment in three weeks for some shots and tests.  I’m hoping that goes smoothly.

Oh — I found Loki’s collar stuffed in the cushion of my wingback chair.  Phew.

I don’t have any more pictures of the kitties uploaded yet, so here’s another cat.  His name is Pusheen and has an awesome website:

Probably my favorite internet cat.