Catching Up with the Cats

I realize it’s been a few months — and hectic ones at that.  We’ve moved twice within the same apartment complex due to mold.  Thankfully, we have a two-bedroom now, which provides a little more room for two large-ish humans and two animals.  I have a new temporary tech support job, so I’m on the computer all day.  Hopefully that will mean more cat blogs!  Hurray diversion!


Some notable events since I last wrote and you read:

Loki got sick, turned out to be hairball problems.  Now gets Laxatone every once and a while, plus some hairball control treats.

Thor got sick, cause unknown but we had a big scare.  He stopped eating and drinking.  At the vet, they gave him fluids under his skin (camel-style), preventive meds and a full range of blood tests.  After the fluids and meds, he was fine, like nothing was ever wrong.  I ruled it as “ate something he shouldn’t have eaten.”  I really don’t want a repeat of that — it also happened right before we moved for the second time.

Found out that “The World’s Best Cat Litter” provides little to no odor control, but great clumps.  I’ll stick with Tidy Cats.

Thor is getting really good at playing fetch.  I’ll have a video up soon.  I’m also hoping to upload a crapload of pictures and get a proper album going for the other part of the blog.

The two hooligans are still providing wonderful love and affection for my husband and I.  They’ve been through some hard times already with us, and I can only hope it goes up from here. 

In any case, thanks to everyone for reading.  If you ever have any questions, picture or video requests or comments, don’t hesitate to contact me or leave a comment!  I’d love to hear from some of the readers.  Hope to update more soon.

Ta-ta for now!


Double destruction

Again, sorry I suck at blogs; but enough about me, let’s get to the cats.

Since you last read, Thor and Loki have grown into gargantuan, destructive monsters, annihilating anything in their paths.  Okay — so they’re still really cute, extra cuddly and excellent companions… they just like to tear everything apart.


  • All of the blinds
  • Square of carpet by the bedroom door
  • Several glasses
  • Two pairs of headphones
  • Scentsy
  • Various cat toys

Those are the casualties I can remember off of the top of my head.

Steve says that so much gets destroyed because I’m too much of a pushover.  I have a hard time with discipline, it’s true.  I’ve gotten better, though… especially because of my headphones.  Argh.

Oh, I just remembered another one: when Steve and I visited PA, we got them new, stronger collars and customized tags.  Thor has a red collar with a gold circle tag that says his name; Loki has a neon green collar with a black tag.  However…

Both of them have destroyed the tags.  They bit them until the words were illegible.  Also, they can still take their collars off even though they have the stronger clips.  I couldn’t figure out how they did it… until I BUSTED THEM.

I saw them grooming each other one night, cute as all get out.  What I saw next truly infuriated me: Thor was actively biting and clawing Loki’s collar and managed to snap it off. THOSE ADORABLE BASTARDS, I yelled inside my head.  How could they possibly be that cunning?  I’ve now determined that I need to get them collars with the real metal buckle… most pet stores only have pop-off cat-safety collars, though… let me know if anyone has a suggestion!

I’m planning to order them some new tags soon (a good use of my tax return.)  Ch-check it out:

Thor’s Tag

Loki’s Tag

Etsy is a beautiful thing.

Until next time, y’all.

Thor snuggling up to me on a day off.

Thor snuggling up to me on a day off.

Catsgiving… thankscats? Thankskittens?

Hey!  Anyone out there still?  That’s okay.  I’m okay with talking to myself.

Thor and Loki are huge now.  Not only do they rival Godzilla in size, but they are wising up to some of my tricks.  They still run out of the door when either of us try to leave/enter the apartment, which is a huge pain; we usually use the laser pointer to distract them so we can run out quickly before they do (cats rule the house.)  Now, they’ve learned to ignore the laser and every time they hear a door open or the jingling of keys, they plop down in front of the door.

In short, I’m having trouble outsmarting my cats.  This proves to me that I’m not ready to be a parent.  For at least another 50 years.  Someday I’ll be smart enough to counter their tactics.  Maybe I should buy a really fancy laser pointer.  Or just cry until they feel sorry for me.  Do guilt trips work on cats?

That’s about all I have to report for right now.  Thor and Loki still need two rounds of booster shots but after that they’ll be set.  I’m also trying to figure out whether I need to give them flea/tick treatments every month if they never go outside.  Stuff’s expensive.

Happy Thanksgiving, to cats and humans alike.  Give your pets a piece of chicken or something.

Thor will kill you with fire. hashtag cutest ways to die

A little (buddies) reminder

I apologize for the long delay in posting again — I recently started a full-time job and work a variety of shifts.  I just started this week and will already log 40 hours by the end of tomorrow.  So bear with me as I get into the work routine.  Because I’m pretty exhausted and need some time to collect my thoughts for a complete, coherent post with a definite theme, here’s a little tidbit that I thought of today:

Appreciate the simple joys of owning a cat.  After a long day at work, it was tremendously relaxing to just sit with my cats and stroke their backs.  I even had a fun time giving them belly scratches as we played on the for together.  I feel lucky that I have these little buddies in my life.  Take some time and appreciate your kitty!

Thor and Loki chillin’ on the top of their modest scratching post.

Two cats vs. one cat

It’s Saturday evening!  Do you know where your cats are?  It’s likely you do.  And where am I?  Why, I’m in my bedroom typing up a blog about cats on a Saturday evening!  Think about that last statement and quietly shake your head.  :crazycatlady:

Anyway, I was sitting on the couch with Thor and Loki after a spirited 20-minute Zumba Kinect workout.  I pet them and came up with the idea to list the pros and cons of a two cat home vs. a one cat home, as well as provide a little of our history.  When Steve and I originally decided to adopt a cat, having two never really crossed our minds.  However, after we went to the Humane Society, the sight of those two, meowing and playing with each other in the cage left me with a huge heartache. Fun fact: Thor and Loki’s original names were Cobra and MustangObviously, we decided on two; the fact that at the Humane Society it was “Adopt-A-Kitten Month”, which meant that we could adopt any two kittens and only pay one adoption fee, influenced our choice as well.  However, as we were completing the paperwork, all the volunteers and workers at the Society said it’s much easier to adopt two kittens.  Here are a few reasons why, including my own observations:

  • If you have two cats, they are less likely to get in trouble around your house.  They spend more time sparring and playing with each other than getting into your stuff or tearing up the furniture.  They keep each other entertained!
  • If you are a couple or have one other roommate, each of you can have a lap-cat.  It’s pretty great.
  • Playing with two cats is just more fun.  It adds a competitive element between the cats which equals beaucoup amusement for you.  Try two cats and one laser pointer or dangling feather toy for best results.
  • Cat-siblings seem to generally look out for one another.  If one gets stuck somewhere, the other will meow and make a fuss until you come to them.  Or if the one gets hurt or in trouble, the other will at least go check on the first one.

“Those are pretty good reasons,” you grumble, scrolling through your 6GB of LOLcat pictures.  “But there are definitely drawbacks.  You’re then responsible for two separate, individual animals.”  You’re right — it’s not all happy fuzzballs and kitten piles.  I present to you the cons:

  • If one cat is misbehaving or doing something it shouldn’t be, the other cat will often follow suit.  For instance, Loki starts playing around in his litter, getting it all over the bathroom floor and encouraging Thor to do the same.  Then both of them get in trouble.
  • You have to buy double the food, litter and toys.  It can get expensive.  Also, double the vet bills.  And at times, double the mess to clean up.
  • At the end of the day, you deal with two individual animals.  They have different personalities and different needs.  It can be difficult to find the right balance and the right training tools for two young cats.

I think adopting any cat is great — especially if it’s from an animals shelter or rescue.  Two cats were right for our family; when thinking about adopting cats, consult your own list of pros and cons if you are considering more than one animal.  Anyway, that’s all for now!  Here’s a funny cat picture and make sure to check out the new gallery on the Pictures of the Cats or the Only Reason Why You Read This Blog page:


Moving along

The cats are still growing insanely fast.  I can’t believe how strong Loki has gotten and Thor has become quite the little climber.  Still have some voracious appetites as well; they’d have me feed them their wet food 5x a day if Thor and Loki had their way.  Sorry about the long period between posts — I’ve been applying for lots of jobs and recently snagged a position at Whole Foods, where Steve works.  I’m still putting in applications for some publishing jobs as well.  I had a great idea for a short story last night and will perhaps post it somewhere on the blog once I finish it.

But you’re here for the cats!  I’m to administer their Flea/Heartworm/Tick preventive topical medication today.  I’ve got to wait until they’re really sleepy to do it, since I’ll be rubbing a decently sized tube of goop on the back of their necks.  Hopefully they cooperate!

I’m still a little pressed for time, so here are so more pictures!  Yay!

Herp derp whats goin on guys

Loki at the Altar of Scratch

Also, check out the new page and do the poll!  I’m interested in your opinions.  Really I am!

Bad Days and Cat Moods

Thor and Loki continue to go about their daily business of eating, pooping, sleeping, meowing and playing.  They have huge appetites for both food and play.  More than anything, they are learning and exploring the house.   In any case, what I have noticed recently is that cats have good/bad moods and days just like people do.  Some days they are hellions, being in places they shouldn’t be and biting everything in sight.   Some afternoons they fight and others all they sleep for hours.  Today was a bad day for the boys.  They started the day by invading our bedroom; Thor crawled into this broken part of fabric on the underside of the bed and got stuck there.  With no small I effort, I eventually fished him out with a feather toy.  This event wasn’t a great start for me either because I had a job interview later that morning.

I decided to catch a few more z’s and when I awoke, Thor and Loki were absolutely ravenous.  They whined and complained as I heated up their wet kitten food (currently feeding them Iams Kitten Formula – Chicken Paté along with Iams Dry Kitten Food to increase their weight.)  After that, I began to get ready for my interview.  Half way into my shower, Thor jumps in with me.  He starts to freak out and I quickly remove him from the evil, cascading water.  Loki seemed like he might follow suit but thankfully stayed out of the shower, though he had a grand ol’ time knocking over the waste basket.

I got dressed and tried to dry Thor off a bit; since he was frightened, he crawled up in his little “spot” on top of chest, directly under my chin.  Yay!  Now I smelled like wet cat for my interview.  A memorable scent if there ever was one.  I felt bad for him but I soon had to leave.  Throughout the morning, they bit my feet and tangled themselves in my shoes.

The rest of the day wasn’t much better: Loki kept trying to get in the dishwasher as I was loading dirty dishes in and Thor attempted to wedge himself inside the couch.

All of these little disturbances are funny in retrospect, but sometimes I’d like them to just be quiet and sit in my lap.  But they have their own will and ways… they are still so young after all.  I have to learn to be patient with them.  Today wasn’t a banner day in terms of behavior.  We all have our bad days.

A quieter time.