Picture dump!

Hey, so I finally got some new pictures up on the Pictures Page (I will include a link to it at some point but right now, it’s not working.) I’m getting around to editing, captioning and describing them (like you care). Please download and distribute these photos via the internet because we want to be internet famous. Please and thank you! Please check out the new video page as well!

Please shut your mouth Thor you're scaring me

Please shut your mouth Thor you’re scaring me



Hello and GOOD JOB BUB, from Thor and Loki’s human, Sara. Check out famous internet cat sensation LIL BUB (who lives just down the road from me in Bloomington, Indiana)! She just became a published author! What a cat! So say, GOOD JOB BUB and check out her Facebook, Twitter and YouTube videos.

How I know Thor and Loki love me

It’s December already, sunny and 60 degrees.  Seem strange?  Maybe it is, but don’t worry about it.  Let me provide you with some adorable anecdotes and cat pictures to distract you from our inevitable doom.

I’ll get right to it.

  1. Whenever I get home, the cats run around my feet and meow for me to feed them.  That not might seem like “love” necessarily, but to me it shows that the cats know who I am.  They know I’m the person that feeds them and gives them water.  It’s okay if they’re a little demanding.
  2. Both of them feel comfortable sleeping on me now.  Thor really loves to fall asleep in the crook of my arm.
  3. When I hold them, they close their eyes.
  4. They compete for my attention.
  5. As I’ve noted many times before, Thor and Loki always comfort me when I’m really sad.
  6. They do that thing where they rub their face on my face.
  7. Thor and Loki wait outside my door in the morning before I wake up.

And I love those little stinkers too.  More than I can say. I buy them presents when I’m on vacation, I crave their attention and shower them with affection.  They are my special buddies and my life-long companions.   I hope to keep them healthy and happy as long as I’m able.

I'm a doodler.  This is my cat doodle.

I’m a doodler. This is my cat doodle.

ALSO!  I’m going to try to post a cat link/external cat media in all of my posts.

Today’s Cat-Link is:  Simon’s Cat!  If you’ve haven’t seen these super-cute animations, you must!

I’m not good at blogs. Here are some pictures of cats

Hey, so, it looks like I’m not very good at remembering to update this blog.  I’m sorry!  I’ll try to be better, but no promises.  In lieu of a post (which I am once again too exhausted to write) here are some pictures of the cats!  All sparkling and new!  They’re getting huge.  Also, they got their rabies shots.  Yay.  Big thanks to the Indianapolis Humane Society and their low-cost vaccine clinic.  They also sell flea and tick treatments for WAY cheaper than most vet offices!

Thor maxin’ and relaxin’. 

Thor behaving and Loki moving around at the speed of light. Business as usual.

Thor is a model. Pardon my legs.

Thor and Loki, sleeping together… remind me of the symbol for Gemini.




The boys are growing up

Steve and I went on a day-trip to Holiday World (it was a total bust, unfortunately) thus leaving the cats for a good twelve hours.  As per usual, I worried off and on about their well-being, though I felt better than I did a few days ago.  As we got nearer to home, I got really excited to see them and play with them.  However, when I walked in the door, they continued to do their own thing and barely took notice of us.  They played with each other and chased their toys.  I’ll admit, I felt a little disappointed.  The last

Loki studies his noise-making toy.

few times we came home, they immediately meowed and wanted to be held.  Steve, as a long-time cat owner, reminded me that they’re growing up fast and are thus becoming more independent.  He made the joke that they’re getting too cool to hang out with their parents.  While I’m definitely glad they can take care of themselves, I can’t help but feel a little sad.

While a certain distance may develop between us, Thor and Loki are members of our new little family.  They will comfort me when I feel homesick and out of place.  When Steve comes home from a hard day of work – as I soon will, hopefully – they will nuzzle him and show him affection.  They will count us for care and love.  For now, I will savor their kitten-hood and make the most of their usually strong desire for attention and contact.

A short lesson on anxiety

Thor and Loki love to cuddle up and sleep next to each other. For all the scrapping they do, at the end of the day they really love each other.

Steve and I went out tonight and left Thor and Loki for around 7 hours.  I found myself feeling extremely anxious about their well-being while I was away.  Because I grew up with a a dog that had many medical problems, I worry about leaving my cats alone.  I can’t help but expect the worst when I’m not there to watch over them.  As my heart beat faster pondering all of the bad things that could possibly happen to them, I tried process things logically.  They had fresh food and water.  They had a clean litterbox.  They had tons of toys and each other for entertainment.  I knew there was nothing on the floor that could possibly be a choking hazard.  Still, I feared that they would be upset, hurt or worse when I finally opened the door. As we approached the parking lot of the apartment, my anxiety heightened and I proceeded to almost run inside of the building.  Of course, when we walked in, they were full of energy, happy to see us and had eaten heartily.

I realize now that I worried so much because I really, truly love them.  Even after just a few days, they’ve become a part of my life…. I can’t imagine a day without them.  It’s amazing the capacity animals have to open up a human heart.  However, I have to trust in the fact that cats are very independent creatures.  They are intelligent, canny and able to entertain themselves easily.  Finally, I have to learn to let these worries go.  It is imperative that I learn how to cope with the absolutely irrational anxieties I have, not just about my cats but about my life in general.  While I know I need to seek outside help, Thor and Loki are helping me identify these problems and calm me with their presence.